Sunday, 10 August 2014

Return of the Turtles!

Just a few days back, I came across a very refreshing news (such news are rare to come by these days!). Rare breed of turtles were smuggled from Pakistan to China. People involved in doing this were caught and the turtles were saved. But, Chinese decided to return these endangered species back to Pakistan as a gesture of goodwill. A decent neighborly act!.

Black Pond Turtles will be handed over to Pakistan authorities within next few days in a ceremony at the border.

This news makes me very happy, something that has put a smile on my face. With too much grim news all the time, such news gives you comfort that good deeds take place around us in many forms. I hope these turtles grow up and play their part as nature has intended for them to play.

Detailed news is as follows:


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