Thursday, 26 September 2013

Uncle Sargam

I grew up watching Uncle Sargam on TV. It was a regular weekly feature and how can I miss it, it was a famous character. The program was hilarious, witty and very decent, it was suitable for viewers of all ages. Program themes were social, political and general life issues. 

Uncle Sargam is a puppet character first appeared in the children's television show Kaliyan aired on Pakistan Television in 1976. Uncle Sargam was created by an award winning  puppeteer and television director Farooq Qaiser.

 Farooq Qaiser is a Pakistani artist, columnist, director, puppeteer, script writer and voice actor. He is also author of some books. Qaiser is well known for his fictional puppet Uncle Sargam Farooq is also a cartoonist, columnist and writing a local newspaper in Lahore and famous for his column titled Meethay Karelay (Sweet gourd).

He created Uncle Sargam who resembled his teacher Molnar from Romania. Calm, cool and composed are the right words which can be attributed to Uncle Sargam. From 1976 till a few years back, Uncle Sargam remained constant in appearance and wit. Surely one of the most memorable characters of Pakistani TV.

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