Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sawadika - 4

Well this 4th episode of Sawadika series brings me to share Thai cuisine which is famous for it's sweet and savory flavor. 

Following is a glimpse into the Thai culinary space:

I found food everywhere in Bangkok.....

Lebanese, Turkish, Indian, you name it.... you'll find it in Bangkok - food that is!

A lot of variety is available to suit different tastes..... Thailand has a lot to offer to everybody!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sawadika 3

Part of our day tour package had an hour long boat ride among the waterways of residential cum commercial lines. The following pictures tells a lot about this unique way of living. 

Waterways are marked exactly as roads. So you won't have difficulty in finding someone's house.

Houses have mail boxes where mail is delivered via river mail service.

Boat taxis roam in these water streets same as taxis on roads.

Boats are allowed only during the day time as their engines are very noisey and disturb people in the evenings. 

My guide told me that on Sundays these waterways are filled with vegetable, fruit and flower sellers also lot's of mobile restaurants operate.

By the time our boat trip ended, we were starving. So we headed towards a Thai restaurant.