Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Qissa Khawani Bazaar - (Bazaar of Story Tellers)

In the North West Province of Pakistan (now called Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa or KPK) is a mystical place in the famous city of Peshawar. A Bazaar of immense historical heritage, a place which literally seems to have popped out of the 'Arabian Nights'. 

Extending from west to east in the heart of the city is the romantic 'Bazaar of Story-tellers' - the Qissa Khawani Bazaar. In olden days, this was the site of camping ground for caravans and military adventures, where professional story-tellers recited ballads and tales of war and love to throngs of traders and soldiers.  Bearded tribesmen bargain with city traders over endless cups of green tea.  

Today the story-tellers are gone but the atmosphere lingers on. Qissa Khawani Bazaar is surrounded by many historical buildings has many Old inns which depict the tradition and culture of Peshawar, 

The city of Peshawar is famous for many things, one of them being it's cuisine. The famous Chapli Kebab and Green Tea or Kehva is not to be missed with live traditional music at any cost.

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