Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Bombay Bakery - The Shop in a Bungalow.

Sometimes a city is also recognized by something which is not the famous ruins, king's palace or museums. A famous restaurant, a food which is only cooked in that city also adds value to that city's reputation. In this case, a bakery, which is 100 years old, has contributed along side the historical reputation of a city.

The Bombay Bakery, established in 1911, is a well known bakery that offers one good reason to visit the city of Hyderabad. I have a long association with Hyderabad, several  of my relatives lived there and still live there. I remember spending my summer vacations at my grandfather's house there. And the Bombay Bakery was within 5 minutes walk from there. 

It is very famous for it's delicious cakes. The choices were few but they sold like hot cakes. Top of the line is the Chocolate Cake followed by Coffee cake, Macrooni and the cream cake. Plain cakes are also a delight. Cup cakes and Glass Cakes. Biscuits are also a treat.

It's been ages that I visited that place but I remember it opened only for a few hours during the day. Most of the times, all the cakes were sold within 2 hours or so. Customers arrived early to stand in line or place advance orders for the famous cakes. On special occasions like Eid, New Year and Christmas, there is NO way you could buy a cake as a walk-in customer. 

The secret of the success lies in hard work, simplicity and a special recipe. I was told by my friends that the owner of the bakery did the mixing and flavoring of the cakes himself. So, no one but him knew the secret recipe. And that went on till his death. Then the sons took over and the saga continued.

Now, to the name, why Bombay? (the city previously called Bombay is now called Mumbai) 

The province Sind (one of the five provinces of Pakistan), before partition of India, was part of Bombay in India. The owners of the bakery, a hindu family, had roots in Bombay and that's why the name.

Why I am writing about Bombay Bakery in blog? because after a very long time...... the famous chocolate cake has landed on my doorstep. It is always a pleasure having the cake with a nice cup of tea or coffee with friends. And that's why I am sharing this one with all of you.

The bakery has not changed it's box design in ages. This simple box design goes well with the overall ambiance of the bakery, i.e. Old is Gold.

The famous Chocolate Cake. 

The story of the family business as printed inside the cake box.

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