Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sawadika - 1

Hi, I am back with another one of my short trips to one of the most famous locations for holidays in the East - Thailand.

Late last month, I travelled to Bangkok for a business meeting. It was a week long trip. Most part of this trip was covered by long meetings and travel time. But, I did take some time out to explore the city of Bangkok.

I travelled via Thai Air from Karachi to Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok. It was 5 hours long flight. I arrived in Bangkok early morning and my room was reserved at Dusit Thani Hotel located at the cross section of Silom Road and Rama IV Road. It is a decent hotel surrounded by business district, park and a overhead motorway.

Thanks to my Thai counterpart who got us an upgrade in regular rooms. 

Bangkok is a very vibrant city, full of energy and lot's of fun. It's hot and humid too. Famous for it's Temples, Thai food, massage and attractive night life. There is so much to do and so many places where you can be. Pristine beaches and islands are to die for.

Bangkok has a unique feature, it's night markets - that are a very important part of night life. Everyday right after sunset, the walkways of all major streets convert to an attractive market that goes on till early hours of the morning. These markets have a lot to offer to all. Electronics, shoes, clothing, toys and you name it - you'll find it there. And then there are weekend markets too. 

Like most East Asian countries, you'll find a China Town here as well. 

Let's take a quick tour of the lively Bangkok......

Did I forgot the famous Tuk Tuk......

Swarmed by tourists from all over the world, young and old alike...... enjoy what Bangkok and Thailand has to offer. If you are planning a trip to Thailand then take  note of some of the following tips:

- Pack comfortable clothes and shoes that gives you comfort in a hot and humid weather.
- Plan your trips with traffic jams in mind.
- Night markets and most shopping malls offer room for negotiation on price.
- Be careful when you make reference to the Thai King and the lord Buddha.
- Be careful of pick pockets in crowded markets.
- Markets are flooded with cheap Chinese products and copies of branded items, so, while making a purchase satisfy yourself on value against quality.
- Bangkok has a thriving night life.... bars, discos and sex..... so make your choices wisely.
- Under ground trains, Sky Train (MRT) is cheap. Tuk Tuk is semi-cheap. Buses are ok, don't expect much. Taxis are expensive but ask for a receipt and keep an eye on the meter.

Well, look out for my next episode of Sawadika in coming days where I take you along on an  interesting tour around Bangkok.  
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