Saturday, 14 December 2013

A New Friend

December is here. This year has been really crazy as far as work is concerned. Very busy. But it has been very very rewarding too. I met many new people and made new friends, but all at work. 

Very recently and mostly at early mornings, a green parrot was noticed sitting on the boundary wall of my house. Firstly I thought that it would not be seen next day, but then it was there each morning for the next few days. This was a surprise to me. So, I bought some bird feed to see if the parrot is attracted to it. It worked!

It's not that it was done only for the parrot, I have been putting bird feed in a pot especially placed for birds for years, mostly sparrows come to feed and occasionally we see a rare sight of a parrot but this guy is special.

So, I made an extra effort to go to the spice and grain market to buy some sun flower seeds as parrots like them very much. And now, I can proudly say, I have made a friend at home too.

Now, as soon as I wake up at morning, I check from my room window to see if my friend is there and then I put some bird feed and sun flower seeds in the pot. Then, I sit close by and watch the parrot do his tricks and have his breakfast. So, I am confident that I can look towards ending this year on a very special note.

Sometimes, small things that you do give you so much pleasure.  
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