Thursday, 19 December 2013


Now don't be fooled by the subject of todays post, No, it's not a rocket. It's a truck.  Yes, it's a trucks name. Bedford Rocket. Just like Philippines has Jeepney as an icon, we have our very own Rocket.

A very common sight in every part of Pakistan since late 50's,  the Rocket is an integral part of Pakistan's identity as an art icon. The famous Truck Art (google it!) started with Rocket.

The driver or the truck owner loves the truck more than his wife and that is a fact. Be it the plains or hilly areas. Cities or villages. You will come across a decently decorated Rocket.

The decoration of the truck is a passion which has no boundaries on expense. It often totals in millions. Mainly because the craftmanship is done by hand. All of it.

 The manufacturing stopped long ago but still today, among most advanced trucks ....... our Rocket stands tall.

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