Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hellas Calling - Day 6


Last evening, after my return from the cruise trip, I received a call from friends who were with me on the coach tour to have dinner with them. Since I had no further plans for the evening, I agreed to join them. We met at a Tavern in the Plaka area. It is the old historical neighborhood of Athens, located in the shadow of the Acropolis like a village wthin the city. This is a very lively place loaded with bars, discos and Taverns (traditional Greek Restaurant).

I had a really good time with my German and American friends as they all were leaving tomorrow, I was there for almost 3 hours and returned to my hotel well after 1:00 am.

Tomorrow is my last day of the trip, so today I did some shopping for friends, family and myself. I wanted to keep the day flexible, so to keep myself occupied during the evening, I booked a "Athens by Night" tour. It had a light and sound show and dinner at a Tavern in Plaka with dance and music show. So, looking forward to have a comfortable and cozy evening.

Pick up time from hotel was 7:30 pm. They took us to Pynx hill opposite to the Acropolis. The show began at 8:30 pm. Greek history was told through light and sound. It was fantastic and I can't explain it in detail. This was my second light and sound show, first one was in 1983 at the Red Fort of Delhi. It lasted for 1:30 hrs and then we were transported to the Plaka area. There at a Tavern was arranged traditional Greek music and regional dances. The food coupled with lovely music made the evening memorable.

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