Friday, 20 September 2013

Light House at Manora Island & Cape Mon

Yes, we have them too, not one but two. :-)

This one is on Manora Island

Manora’s lighthouse is the tallest in the country. It was inaugurated on April 1, 1889 and it's light is visible from 20 nautical miles. Hyper-radiant Fresnel lens is used to generate the light reaching this distance. The original lighthouse at the same place was erected in 1851 which was replaced by much taller lighthouse in 1891 with increased traffic reaching Karachi port. The current lighthouse is 91 feet tall.

The small protestant church right next to it is called the St Paul’s church. It is much older than the current lighthouse and its roof stands on wooden trusses.

Photography is prohibited.

The Light House is beautiful from inside. Bold paint, design and light adds to the flavour. The swirling staircase gets narrower as you reach closer to the top. The place is really old. The optical setup from good old days is intact and maintained well by Karachi Port Trust. The base on which the giant optical setup rotates is not fueled by a generator but is winded by using a key.

Move out to the balcony and experience the view. Feel the vastness of Arabian Sea. Turn around and witness the vastness of the city. Its rusty skyline, narrow lanes of Manora town, busy Kemari Port, fast moving boats, magnificent oyster rocks. Everything looks tiny, pure and free of trouble.



This one is at Cape Mon

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