Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ok, what's next!

I have a habit of fixing broken things and I have been doing this for sometime now. Fixing small things around the house was the beginning, this included electrical bulbs, switches, furniture, doors, windows, showpieces etc. Later on, when I purchased my own car, this habit prompted me to fix the car as well. 

This habit taught me some good lessons.  

1. Analyze the task at hand, explore it properly. Understand the problem.
2. Plan the work, lay out the steps.
3. Be patient, don't be hasty.
4. Once when you are satisfied about your plan only then execute your recovery process.
5. Above all, don't be shy to start from all over again.

My house is 35 years old and it frequently requires some repairs here and there. I wait for weekends to carry out small repairs and for big ones I plan when I have the time and money for it. 

This doesn't stop here, last year, I designed my very own showpieces. And I am big fan of model cars, so I decided to make something which keeps me connected with my childhood passion. I collected vintage Vespa scooter models suitable for this showpiece. Then a drawing was prepared, pieces of wood were purchased and slowly began to develop the design.

It looks like this and currently rests on my book shelf.

This design gave me the courage to make a hanging showcase for vintage model cars. In order to collect the model cars I visited more than 15 toy shops to search for the right models. It took me 3 months to collect more than 50 model cars. For starters I developed the following design and it currently is hanging in my study room. 

I am now thinking of making a new design for the remaining cars. Maybe this year, I'll design and prepare it.
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