Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Books, books, books

I love books and I really keep a lookout for announcements of sale. Here in Pakistan, there is only one chain of bookstore that offers a huge variety of latest books. But, the books are very expensive because their prices are connected with currency exchange rate. So, I wait for the sale announcement. 

In the meantime, I update my 'to buy' book list by reviewing the website and noting down details. My main interest is history but I am very careful in selecting the book as I loose interest if the author has not done justice with the topic.

On a recent trip to my favorite bookshop I got hold of few books that really got my attention and prices were favorable. So, the shopping made my day.

I guess, these will keep my busy for this year at least as i read slowly and enjoy the pleasure. Bookshop or book exhibition is where I love to spend my time, if I come across them, be it in Karachi or anywhere I am traveling. I love to browse through endless shelves of books.

Even though I have bought quite a few books for now, I have placed order for a few more as they are not available here in bookshops. I hope I will hear from them soon.

For the time being, I am happy that my book shelf is equipped with some very interesting titles. 
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