Friday, 31 January 2014

Do you like chocoate?

Do you like chocolate?

I am sure you do. 

How is your temptation for it compared to your childhood? 

hmmm..... you are taking your time to think about it, eh? well, I guess, for some it is the same and for many it changes over the period of time. 

In my case, I have shifted towards dark chocolate and continuously look for different varieties of it.

But do your really know about chocolate? the history of it?

The big names like, Cadbury, Lindt, Mars, Hershey, Nestle and many more, what roles did they all play in making this bean a household name. How did they do it? 

It took them a lifetime making this happen. The Chocolate kings, I call them, they were the pioneers full of passion and enthusiasm. 

To all the chocolate fans and book lovers, I recommend the following two books to really enjoy the history and development of this bean which is rivaled closely by the coffee bean.

The first books is "The Chocolate Wars" by Deborah Cadbury.

200 years of history. All big names, their life stories, their success, their failures, their dreams and their achievements. Kit Kat, Mars, Dairy Milk Chocolate, M&Ms, and many more names, how were they created. You'll find this and much more in this book.
Deborah Cadbury
I also recommend the following book

The authors tells the story of the cacao bean starting from South American continent and spreading into the rest of the world. How a bean was used as a currency and a means for trading, also, the bitter rivalry by the powers who controlled the cacao bean trade.

The author also talks about expertise of Belgian, Swiss, French chocolatiers and how they do magic with cacao bean.
 Mort Rosenblum

My special tip: read this book when you are free of daily hassles and have some form of chocolate with you, preferably hot chocolate, chocolate shake or simply a bar of chocolate. 

I am sure you will enjoy reading these lovely books. And next time, when you look at a Dairy Milk bar or kit kat, you will remember how they were created. 

Do share your thoughts with me, did you like these books and did you really enjoy reading them. 

Before I go, I'll share the following quote which really translates what I mean to say:

Nine of every ten persons say they love chocolate.
The tenth lies.

 Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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