Saturday, 12 April 2014

Chinese Whispers 6

I regret the delay in completing the ‘Chinese Whispers’ due to some pressing issues at work and home. But here’s another interesting day’s followup:

March 23,

Last evening we  collected details about how to get to Beijing South Train Station to buy tickets for Bullet Train to Tianjin. Why Tianjin? Because, it’s not very far (only 150 km from Beijing) and it suits our main purpose of enjoying a quick ride of the Bullet Train.

Beijing has two railway stations, North and South. If you intend to take a train to some place from Beijing, please  make sure you go to the right train station. Beijing South Train Station is an impressive building and looks like an airport terminal. Shopping, restaurants, banks.  You’ll find all known brands and outlets here. 

To purchase tickets please keep your passport with you as your passport number will be printed on the ticket. For Chinese citizens, national identification card must be presented to purchase the tickets. The ticket cost 55 RMB one way. Security is very strict at the station and we were scanned twice before boarding the train.

The CRH is a very neat, clean and fast train. Has on-board café and hostesses.

We took the 10:30 train to Tianjin  and we reached there at 11:15. That was quick for a train ride!

We really wanted to experience the train which had it’s maximum speed at 292 km/h. This was my first time in a high speed train and I really enjoyed it. Maybe on a longer trip the speed might go beyond 300 km.

We were back in Beijing at 11:30. Now what? We decided to head for Niujie Street (Ox Street in Mandarin), a Muslim area. We offered prayers at an old Masjid (Muslim Prayer place) Niujie Mosque built in 996 AD, later had a quick lunch before heading towards The Nest.

Beijing is the only Olympic city I’ve been to and it would be incomplete if I didn’t have a look at the Olympic stadium. It's huge.

Opposite to the stadium is The Cube (complex for water sports).  

 we spent couple of hours there, had coffee and enjoyed the sunset before heading towards the city.

Dinner at The Ganges, Indian Restaurant. And a long walk back to the hotel.

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