Friday, 4 April 2014

Please Sponsor Caroline

Dear Friends,

This is a call for help. My friend and colleague Caroline Smith needs help.  She lives in the UK and works for the same company as I do. We have worked together on a project recently and I know her to be a very hardworking and caring person. She is running in the upcoming London Marathon with her sister to raise awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer. 

In order to do my bit, I have offered Caroline this forum to spread her request for sponsorship as follows:

On 13th April 2014 I am running the London Marathon (26.2 miles) with my sister for Bowel Cancer. Our Dad came close to dying from bowel cancer. Surgery and extensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy saved his life but it was a difficult and often undignified time for him. We feel lucky as a family that he is still here to make us laugh and although the future is uncertain as he has now been diagnosed with myelodysplasia* (once known as pre-leukemia), we know nothing will stop him from being at the finish line to cheer us on. It is important to me to help all other families and individuals going through this process to receive the hope and support they need. All the money I raise will go towards this.
·         Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK after lung cancer.
·         It is the fourth most common cancer in the UK and yet rarely talked about.
·         Around 15,700 people died of bowel cancer in 2011 in the UK, that's around 43 people every day.

*Myelodysplasia can be caused by previous cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy and is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow does not make enough healthy blood cells; there are abnormal (blast) cells in the blood and/or bone marrow.

Any support you can give will be gratefully and thankfully received by not just our family but also the charity, and all the people it will help. Thank you.” "

To support Caroline, please visit the following page on 
Just click on the link to see Caroline's updated, fully secure fundraising page:
Please take a moment and think about someone whom you don't know but needs your help and support. 

Caroline can be reached at :
You can also contact me at:  

Kindly contact us and we will acknowledge and thank you for your generous support.

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