Saturday, 27 July 2013

1978, a good year!

The news of our presence traveled fast in Singapore and one of my dad's colleague from office told another one in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). So, we got invited for a short visit to KL. We booked seats in a train entering into Malaysia from Johor Baru. The train ride was cozy. Sightseeing all the way. Malaysia, back then was not as structurally developed as Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore, but it was clean, green and on it's way to become one of the most important business hubs in Asia.

We were greeted at the station by my father's friend, we reached his house in a white Mercedes Benz, it was a good place. Our stay was brief in KL, I don't have much about it in my memory bank, so we'll skip this one and move on.

Our trip was coming to an end now and our return flight was from Singapore to Karachi. This was the only trip we had together as a family. Later on, we all had our separated trips, but not together.

Summer of 1978 was great for me. I saw Tokyo, Singapore, KL and stopping over at Beijing and Hong Kong. We brought back many souvenirs, some of which are still with me....... like the Red Crab (mentioned in my last blog post!).

And after 35 years, I still have my tickets with me!

These are archived documents, recently de-classified....... you have my permission to view them!               (ha ha .... just kidding)
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