Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kai Tak

The week passed by like anything and soon it was time to say Sayonara to Tokyo and to the loving Japanese folks who made our trip even more memorable.

Next destination...... Singapore via Hong Kong.

The old airport in Hong Kong (Kai Tak) had one of the scariest landing approaches in the world. The pilot had be very skilled and experienced in order to land the bird safely because it was located in a conjested area and the planes had to pass through apartments and high rise buildings. From inside the aeroplane you could see people in their apartments!

Kai Tak has been replaced by a new airport located in a more safe and open area. I visited Hong Kong in 2011 and had a chance to explore more about this great city about which I will share details in my following blogs.

In the following picture, you will have a more clear idea of how landing approach had to be carefully managed, especially when the landing space is surrounded by hills and tall structures.

By looking at the satellite image, I just wonder what a constant nuisance this was for the residents having a busy international airport nearby.

I don't recall much about this short face 2 face with Hong Kong, it was just a few hours transit but I will always remember the landing experience on Kai Tak.

See you in Singapore in a short while! Stay Tuned.

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