Monday, 22 July 2013

The Big Day!

The big day came when I as a young boy noticed something out of the ordinary taking place in the house. My elder brothers were full of energy in packing their stuff, helping mom in doing the same. Dad taking care of the house, locking doors and windows. I thought something big is happening....... but what?

Then dear mommy told me that you, my dear son, will fly in an aeroplane, how would you like that? and there I was asking for my daily bit of choclate and that was that. But boy, first time for everything new, the memory of it, sticks like a glue in your brain.

We reached the Karachi International Airport and after the formalities, the big moment came.... "Wow! an aeroplane....... that's big!". It was a Boeing. The airline was PIA (Pakistan International Airline) and Man! I fought like anything with my brothers for the window seat.

Before take off, the air hostess brought hot towels, candy sweets and something special for me...... a colouring book and colour pencils. The roar of the engines, the huge wings and so many passengers. I asked my brother, "are they all coming with us?" Such curiosity.

It was a late night flight, so really nothing to see outside. Announcements started, one after the other. In English and in Urdu. The seat belt, the hanging mask, the emergency procedures....... why aren't we flying? and then as if the pilot had heard my thoughts...... and the big bird moved.

The first time experience of an aeroplane taking off is really cool. You sink deep inside your seat, hands clutching to whatever you can get hold off, eyes closed. And not to forget....... the funny feeling in the stomach! and finally it was in the air. climbing high above the clouds.

Still today, i sometimes recall all this and it brings a smile on my face. Whenever I get a chance I try and talk to kids who had their first time experience in an aeroplane..... just to match how I felt as a kid.

Not much difference, then and now!

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