Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Vending Machine scare!

Vending machines.....? what were they? how did the stuff came out from a machine? and boy! they were everywhere. As if Tokyo was taken over by them. As a 8 year old I was mesmerized by them. Slightly scared of them as well. No matter where you go...... there stood a vending machine standing there against a wall or a corner ........ scaring the little visitor kid. This thing was new to me, genuinely new, something I had not seen or heard before.  After watching Star Wars during the trip I came to a conclusion....... there is someone in the machine who gives out the stuff. hmmmm...... I have to get to the bottom of this, I decided. So, my silly plan against the vending machines was to punch all sorts of buttons on them, maybe I'll get a glimpse of the mysterious being working inside the machine. But, after several tries in super markets, shops and stations, no luck!. So, this little stubborn kid decided to seek some adult help on this matter of grave importance. I asked my dad. And then, he showed me how it worked. Gotcha! I was not scared anymore, infact I got bold enough to borrow coins from my dad and brothers to operate the machine myself, showing it that I am not scared of you ........ you stupid child scaring machine. My dispute with the vending machine was settled.

When I got back home and the summer vacation ended, I had something very authentic and interesting to share with my fellow colleagues who had never heard of these machines. After all, we were all kids, everyone after listening to me devised his own theories about it and every now and then enlightened me with their weird ideas about them.

Now after all these years, I sometimes look back and enjoy these odd memories. Big lesson that I learned is, when you are in a foreign land, and you come across new things, then ask the right questions to satisfy your curiosity and improve your understanding so that you have the right knowledge to share.

In my several other travels I followed this path and was very satisfied with my approach. After all, you learn all the time, should you choose to.

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