Thursday, 25 July 2013

Penguins in the freezer!

I remember Singapore for it’s cleanliness, parks, blue colored ice cream, the fines and …………., Penguins in the freezer!  
While writing this I am laughing at my own thoughts, it was my first time ever to see 32 flavors of ice cream all in different colors and all at one place. Blue colored ice cream really caught my attention.  Back home, Vanilla and Chocolate were the only ice cream flavors available in shops and looking at a bonanza of flavors right infront of me hypnotized me. I wished I could have all of them. J
Beautiful, neat and clean, Singapore. It was an interesting city back then and today it has even surpassed it’s own set standards. The good thing about Singapore is that it has a lot to offer to everyone.
We visited the Botanical Garden, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo and a Crocodile Farm. At the Zoo, the funniest and most astonishing were the Penguins. Why? Because they were in a freezer. Well, not  exactly as a freezer, but in a temperature controlled glass room. I remember I refused to budge from that place, it was my first time looking at the Penguins in front of me. Lovely creatures!
The Bird Park was so noisy, especially near the naughty parrots! It was beautifully designed and really a good treat for a kid whose local Zoo did not have that many creatures.
Did I mention that we had a ride in the cable car too?
The Singapore Cable Car provides an aerial link from Mount Faber on the main island of Singapore to the resort island of Sentosa across the Keppel Harbour. Lovely views and a really good experience.
 The food……. Lovely! In Tokyo we struggled a bit, but here, we had the option of Indian cuisine.
It’s been a long time since I had this trip, I want to go back and explore Singapore again especially now when I have a colleague from work place to assist me. Charleston Yong, a good friend and a charming person. 
As I mentioned in my earlier blogs, I am trying to get hold of the photos of this trip. So far I have looked all the known places, but no luck. But for the benefit of my audience, I am sharing the links of places I remember visiting, you can explore at your leisure.

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