Sunday, 19 January 2014

Random Clippings

'Random Clippings' will feature in my blogs as I come across interesting clips from local news media. This is the first episode.

A few weeks ago a news appreared in local media that 2 sisters withdrew approximately 1.8 million Rupees (US $ 17000/- approx) from their bank account and burned the money right outside the bank. Can you believe this.......

Reason for this, according to news, is family dispute on some issues. In my personal view, this act reflects anger, otherwise this money could have helped many who are in need of help.

Have you seen Mountain of color pencils? well, here you go..... color pencils on sale.

 Following picture is of International Green Week in Berlin, Germany. This exhibition showcases Food, agriculture and horticulture segments.

I haven't seen so many delicious and very tempting bread creations before.

Now this one is really good. A local welfare organization started mobile fire fighting units. I think this initiative is very good, reason being, these mobile fire fighting units can reach places that need immediate assistance located in conjested areas. Also, they are beneficial in cases of traffic jams. Ofcourse, they are not replacement of actual fire tenders but a good step towards reaching out to those in need quickly.

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